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Building a localized Fedora Community. Following a suggestion from Rodrigo Padula about the possible creation of a localized Fedora Community in Portugal (mainland, PT_PT) I am hereby leaving some ideas and concepts about this. Please keep in mind this is not a production document, instead my personal notes to share with the community about my work. It's also important that I am a Marketing Student and not an IT Engineer. I'm trying to accomplish this with the set of tools provided by Marketing and competences I'm getting from my degree.


My name is Nelson and I am a contributor for the Marketing Team in Fedora Project. This wiki page will be a set of personal notes during my approach on how to setup a Fedora Community localized in Portugal, the official representation of Fedora to the Portuguese people and Industry. The idea was suggested to me in an email from Rodrigo Padula, my Mentor as ambassador for the Fedora Project in Portugal. Since I am a Marketing Management student this is the perfect ground to contribute actively to Fedora and promote something that I am very fond of, FOSS.

During this document (not to be used for production purposes) I am explaining the following:

  • What I am doing;
  • Why I am doing such things;
  • How could Marketing explain this procedures;
  • Why are they relevant to Fedora and Marketing Management;

As this document is mainly a personal approach, it might be misleading for someone who can't understand the true nature of the Portuguese people and all the cultural facts behind them. So, for those who have any doubts I'm deploying some information I found important regarding Portugal, Fedora and eventually groups or organizations that promote FOSS already. It is important from my scope of view that if a Fedora Community is to be born in Portugal, that we embrace the efforts already being deployed on the field by such organizations, and off course, reinforce their efforts as long as they comply with the Fedora Project.

If this is going to be a success or a failure, I don't know, but I'm placing all the efforts in order for it to be a success. This will also work on a personal level as a form of evaluating myself as a future Marketing Management Professional.


The best way to understand and know Portugal comes from two links that I'm going to post:

  • Wikipedia [1]
  • CIA Factbook [2]

I would also like to point people to the socio-demographic factors alongside with cultural points. To be understood that the base model for the Portuguese is based on the Roman Catholicism. This is important. In addition to this there is also a study that points the Portuguese as the people in the European Union with the highest level of aversion to uncertainty.

Analysis of Portuguese variables to be performed soon...

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