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==Example of how to create==
==Example of how to create==
to create business card to look at fedora-business-cards - help and tells us this:
To create business card go to Consola and type
fedora-business-cards [options] GENERATOR
<pre>#fedora-business-cards --help</pre>
To create a png image then write:
and tells us this:
fedora-business-cards - png fedora
<pre> #fedora-business-cards [options] GENERATOR </pre>
We will ask the Authentication tab with our FAS account:
to create a PNG image do this:
<pre> #fedora-business-cards --png fedora </pre>
We will ask ourselves authenticate with FAS
[[Category:Marketing]] [[Category:Events]]
[[Category:Marketing]] [[Category:Events]]

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The Fedora contributor business card is a business card that represents contributors of Fedora.

[edit] Using the card generator

  1. Install Package-x-generic-16.pngfedora-business-cards from yum or PackageKit
    yum -y install fedora-business-cards
  2. Open a terminal and run
    fedora-business-cards --help

[edit] Fedora Business Card Specification

This is the specification to be used for Fedora business cards.

[edit] Front of card

Ianweller-business-card-front.png (sample)

It is recommended that you keep your information in this format, but not required. It's your business card — put what you need on it. (This includes the title under your name; it can read "Fedora Project Contributor" or "Doer of Stuff".)

[edit] Optional back of card

Dark background
This background can be difficult to write on and for some people may be a reason to not put this on the back of your card. As said, it is optional.


[edit] Frequently Questioned Answers

How do I export a PDF in CMYK format?

With the --cmyk-pdf option. Make sure your installation is updated.

Are there specific settings to use for certain printers?

The -t is used for specifying settings for specific printers. The following are recommended settings available in the tool:
## For
--cmyk-pdf -t overnightprints

Can I change the DPI of my cards?

Use the -d option.

What if I find a bug, or I want a new feature?

File it in the Red Hat Bugzilla — product Fedora, component fedora-business-cards.

What if I want to contribute?

Clone Ian Weller's git repo: git clone You can then create your own git repository with the changes. Finally, don't forget to tell somebody about it!

[edit] Example of how to create

To create business card go to Consola and type

#fedora-business-cards --help

and tells us this:

 #fedora-business-cards [options] GENERATOR 

to create a PNG image do this:

 #fedora-business-cards --png fedora 

We will ask ourselves authenticate with FAS