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== Using the card generator ==
== Using the card generator ==
su -c "yum install mgopen-fonts inkscape PyXML python-iniparse pygpgme python-fedora git"
# Install fedora-business-cards from yum or PackageKit
git clone git://
# Open a terminal and run <pre>fedora-business-cards --help</pre>
cd fedora-business-cards/
The instructions are quite easy to follow. If you need any help, [[User:Ianweller/instacontact|ping me on IRC]].
== Fedora Business Card Specification ==
== Fedora Business Card Specification ==

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The Fedora contributor business card is a business card that represents contributors of Fedora.

Using the card generator

  1. Install fedora-business-cards from yum or PackageKit
  2. Open a terminal and run
    fedora-business-cards --help

Fedora Business Card Specification

This is the specification to be used for Fedora business cards.

Front of card

Ianweller-business-card-front.png (sample)

  • Use generator as specified below
  • Template available as templates/front-northamerica.svg in git repository

Optional back of card

Dark background
This background can be difficult to write on and for some people may be a reason to not put this on the back of your card. As said, it is optional.


  • Template available as templates/back-northamerica.svg in git repository