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== Using the card generator ==
== Using the card generator ==
# Install fedora-business-cards from yum or PackageKit
# Install {{package|fedora-business-cards}} from yum or PackageKit
# Open a terminal and run <pre>fedora-business-cards --help</pre>
# Open a terminal and run <pre>fedora-business-cards --help</pre>

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The Fedora contributor business card is a business card that represents contributors of Fedora.

Using the card generator

  1. Install Package-x-generic-16.pngfedora-business-cards from yum or PackageKit
  2. Open a terminal and run
    fedora-business-cards --help

Fedora Business Card Specification

This is the specification to be used for Fedora business cards.

Front of card

Ianweller-business-card-front.png (sample)

It is recommended that you keep your information in this format. You can change it if necessary, but you might be frowned upon.

Optional back of card

Dark background
This background can be difficult to write on and for some people may be a reason to not put this on the back of your card. As said, it is optional.


Frequently Questioned Answers

How do I export a PDF in CMYK format?

With the --cmyk-pdf option. Make sure your installation is updated.

Can I change the DPI of my cards?

Use the -d option.

What if I find a bug, or I want a new feature?

File it in the Red Hat Bugzilla -- product Fedora, component fedora-business-cards.