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This page is a draft only
It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.

The Fedora contributor business card is a Board-sanctioned business card that represents contributors of Fedora.

For right now, consider this documentation as a draft as people discuss it. I'm sure there will be an announcement of sorts when we call it good. --Ian Weller 08:23, 9 August 2008 (UTC)

Fedora Business Card Specification

This is the specification to be used for Fedora business cards.

Front of card

Ianweller-business-card-front.png (sample)

  • Use generator as specified below
  • Template available as front-template.svg in git repository below

Optional back of card


  • Template available as back.svg in git repository below

Get the card generator

First, you need some packages from yum.

sudo yum install mgopen-fonts python-fedora pygpgme

The generator is a Python script stored in a git repository on Clone it.

git clone git://

Generate the card

In the fedora-business-cards repo, run


This will ask you to login to FAS, download the default information, and create the default business card, which is what we highly recommend you use.

If you get an error, see #Overriding information and #Errors.

Passing options to the generator

Get potential options by running

python -h

and pass options like this:


The default for the --info option is email,phone,irc,url,blank,gpgid.

Using a GPG fingerprint instead of the key ID

We prefer the key ID
Key fingerprints can be confusing and can also fall off the card due to length. We advise against using a key fingerprint.

Simply replace the gpgid option in --info with gpgfingerprint. Like so:

make GENERATE_OPTIONS="--info=email,phone,irc,url,blank,gpgfingerprint"

Overriding information

Let's say you don't want to use your email, or your extension. Use the --override-* options.

Before overriding information, we recommend adding useful information to FAS.

  • Generating a card for someone else? --override-username=USERNAME
  • Don't have a GPG key ID in FAS, but want to use it on your card? --override-gpgid=A1B2C3D4
  • Want to become Inigo Montoya? --override-name="Inigo Montoya"


Errors come in the form of a delicious birthday cake Python traceback. Generally the last string in the traceback is what we'll use here.

%s is a wildcard in these cases.

--info count can't be greater than 6

You can't have more than 6 things in --info. Deal with it.

%s not valid for --info

You used an invalid option for --info. Maybe your code base is old and it needs a git pull.

Couldn't get PGP fingerprint for key %s

The generator script will attempt to get your GPG key and get the fingerprint, if you don't have the key handy. If it can't, it throws this.

No IRC nick for %s, use override and No GPG key ID for %s, use override

This data isn't available in FAS, either due to privacy restrictions or nonexistance. Either add the information to FAS, use --override-irc or --override-gpgid, or remove irc or gpgid and gpgfingerprint from --info.

Successful printers

For those that don't want to print cards themselves and go with an online distributor, these printers have been used by other Fedora Project members and are happy with them.

These businesses are not sanctioned or related to the Fedora Project in any way, unless they are and I don't know about it.

(No businesses yet. Add yours!)