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This is the main page for a CI and Infrastructure hackathon 2017. This hackathon is intended to help the team leap ahead for several critical Fedora initiatives.


Our purpose is to complete the following primary goals:

  1. Continue and/or complete key CI pipeline implementation
    • This goal will be further outlined based on discussions between now and the event.
  2. Expand skills/knowledge of authorization/authentication systems in Fedora
    • All core sysadmin team members will understand FreeIPA/Ipsilon backend administration tasks and ensure they are documented in the Fedora Infra Sysadmin Guide
    • Key developers will understand changes needed in current apps and best practices for new ones, if applicable, and capture them in the Fedora Infra Developer Guide
  3. Establish an OpenShift Origin instance in Fedora infrastructure
    • Determine the extent to which OpenShift can be expanded beyond OSBS
      • Application development
      • Application deployment
      • Upstream collaboration with Factory 2.0
    • Develop necessary playbooks, etc. to deploy

Detailed Work Items & Final Attendees


Priorities: ((AuthN/AuthZ)) Task Owner Done
Priorities: ((CI Pipeline)) Task Owner Done
Priorities: ((OpenShift)) Task Owner Done


AuthN/AuthZ Task Owner Done
More to come...

Attendees and Travel Details

Contributor Arrival Departure Roommate Notes
Patrick Uiterwijk
Kevin Fenzi
Pierre-Yves Chibon
Adam Miller
Randy Barlow -∞
Jeremy Cline -∞
Kushal Das
Brian Stinson
Tim Flink?
Paul Frields (unsure of stay length)
Remote attendees

Planning Prerequisites

See the How to organize a FAD list; you can keep your to-do list here.

  • Work out budget
  • Decide on Dates and Location
  • Arrange Facilities
  • List Resources
  • Be Somewhat Structured
  • Arrange Lodging
  • Arrange Refreshments
  • Arrange a Social Event -- N/A


  1. Location: Red Hat, Raleigh NC, USA
    • Red Hat Tower, 9th Floor South, "Fedora" room
  2. Date: 2017-May-08 to 2017-May-12
    • Visitors should arrive on Sunday May 7th if possible
  3. Remote Attendees: (include dial-in)
  4. Schedule
    • Event starts 9:30am daily
    • Event ends by noon Friday May 12th, to allow for travel outbound
    • ...


Snacks/Beverages: Can be snarfed from Raleigh office


  • Covered at hotel


  • ...


  • ...

Total food: est. $

Travel estimates

Contributor Taxi/transport (to/from home) Airfare Taxi/transport (to/from site) Parking Other
pingou ~USD200 (home <-> Paris) KLM: ~USD1300
Adam Miller N/A American: ~$450 ~$50 $105
Jeremy Cline $0 $0 $0 $0
  1. Travel: $$
  2. Housing: - $3200 (est)
    • Sheraton or Marriott nearby
    • Possibility of 1-2 people being housed locally?
  3. Space:
    • $0 -- Supplied by Red Hat
  4. Supplies:
    • N/A
  5. Food: $$

Total budget: $$