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--- Fedora Preview Release Announcement Start ---

We've been cooking, and now it's time for a final taste test!

The Fedora Project is proud to announce the availability of the Fedora 10 Preview Release. The Fedora 10 Preview Release is our last pre-release offering before we let everyone taste the goods for real.

Doesn't it smell yummy? We know you can't resist, and we don't want you to. We want everyone in the Fedora community to take an early sample and tell us what you find. The recipe is pretty good, but now is the time to make it perfect. Ingredients include:

  • Faster boot using Plymouth
  • Wireless connection sharing
  • Better printing
  • Enhanced software update and maintenance, from RPM 4.6 to PackageKit
  • Virtualization storage
  • SecTool, security audit and intrusion detection system
  • Glitch free audio using timer-based scheduling

And, since this is Fedora, we don't have anything to hide. Take a peek at what is in the not-so-secret sauce by looking at our Release Notes in the Fedora Project wiki. We use 100% pure free and open source software here, none of that high-fructose proprietary stuff.

Most of you should get a very tasty treat, but some of you might experience a little bitterness. Don't fret - all is not lost - there is still time to improve the recipe before we share it with the world. Head over to the Fedora Bugzilla ( and let us know what offended your palate.


File bugs here:

If you'd like to interact with the chefs more directly, join the live staff in the kitchen by coming to #fedora-qa on, or leave a message on the corkboard by the back door:

Ready to get your free preview sample? Go ahead and swipe one straight from the oven - we don't mind. Put on your favorite heat resistant BitTorrent mitt and grab one of the following goodies. Take as many as you like.

Thanks for tasting!

--- Fedora Preview Release Announcement End ---