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[edit] Fedora Events: CarolinaCon

  • Annually held conference in North Carolina that is dedicated to both educating and learning with the global community about technology, security and information rights, as well as enhance local and international awareness of current technology issues and developments, provide access to expose youth to learning session explorations and opportunities within the various technology fields.

[edit] Location

  • Chapel Hill, NC

[edit] Date

  • April 20-21, 2007

[edit] Ambassadors

  • LeeJoseph
  • DavidNalley
  • JamesBenWilliams

[edit] Status

  • Will be handing out FC6 DVD's and discussing Fedora as a secure and viable desktop solution/replacement as well as a public terminal/kiosk with FC6 on it so people can take it for a test drive.

[edit] Report