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Meeting schedule
Meetings occur on Thursdays at 12:00pm US Eastern time.

Meeting Schedule

In addition to the email lists on which the Board will conduct its business, there will conference calls at least twice per month. The Board endeavors to hold a public meeting once a month; right now they are held via IRC .

Secretarial Duty

Secretarial schedule
2010-01-28 canceled
2010-02-04 none, IRC
2010-02-11 Tyler
2010-02-18 Aillon
2010-02-25 Boyer
2010-03-04 none, IRC
2010-03-11 Callaway
2010-03-18 Domsch
2010-03-25 Frields
2010-04-01 none, IRC
2010-04-08 Gilmore
2010-04-15 McGrath
2010-04-22 Poelstra
2010-04-29 Tyler
2010-05-06 none, IRC
2010-05-13 Walters
  • If you will not be present for duty, arrange for a substitute. The easiest way to do this is swap with the next person on the roster. Record your changes here.
  • Notes are taken interactively in a Gobby session, in wikitext. The * bullet mark is very useful.
  • When the meeting finishes, the secretary lets the other members know when they plan to publish notes, no later than 24 hours later if at all possible (but often only an hour or two later).
  • Members departing Gobby implicitly agree with the published notes.
  • The secretary:
    1. ...publishes a copy of the notes on the wiki, with the page name Meeting:Board_meeting_YYYY-MM-DD.
      • Please remember to add the category link [[Category:Board_meetings]] at the bottom.
    2. ...emails a copy of the notes to the advisory-board list, using the subject Fedora Board Recap YYYY-MM-DD.
      • Please include at the top of that email a link to the wiki page. You can use this link (only valid the same day as the meeting).

Meeting Summaries

Some meeting minutes may feature additional content, such as public meetings with IRC or audio logging.

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