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Fedora L10N QA (Template)

Please add your bug and link it to the tracker.
Package Steps built status Bug Comment
anaconda Issue command "liveinst" Perform this first to install onto hard drive.
ABRT Issue command "abrt-gui"
authconfig Issue command "authconfig"
chkconfig Issue command "chkconfig"
comps n/a (this can be checked through anaconda test)
desktop-backgrounds Go to 'System -> Settings -> Appearance'
desktop-effects Go to 'System -> Settings -> Desktop effect'
firstboot As root, issue command "LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 firstboot"
hwbrowser Issue command "hwbrowser"
im-chooser issue command "im-chooser
multimedia-menus go to 'Application -> Sound & Video -> Output Generation'
redhat-menus check desktop menu
rhpxl issue command "system-config-display"
setroubleshoot issue command "sealert -b"
setuptool issue command "setup"
smolt As root, issue command "firstboot" and check the section of 'Hardware Profile'
switchdesk deplicated??
system-config-audit issue command "system-config-audit"
system-config-bind issue command "system-config-bind"
system-config-boot issue command "system-config-boot"
system-config-cluster issue command "system-config-cluster"
system-config-date issue command "system-config-date"
system-config-display issue command "system-config-display"
system-config-firewall issue command "system-config-firewall"
system-config-httpd issue command "system-config-httpd"
system-config-kdump issue command "system-config-kdump"
system-config-keyboard issue command "system-config-keyboard"
system-config-kickstart issue command "system-config-kickstart"
system-config-language issue command "system-config-language"
system-config-lvm issue command "system-config-lvm"
system-config-netboot issue command "system-config-netboot"
system-config-network become root (or sudo), issue command "LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 system-config-network"
system-config-nfs issue command "system-config-nfs"
system-config-printer issue command "system-config-printer"
system-config-rootpassword issue command "system-config-rootpassword
system-config-samba issue command "system-config-samba"
system-config-services issue command "system-config-services"
system-config-users issue command "system-config-users"
system-switch-java deplicated??
system-switch-mail become root (or sudo), issue command "LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 system-switch-mail"
usermode issue command "usermode"

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