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The OSAS team's mission is to make open source projects be wildly successful. Will write more when not working on documentation of finance stuff.

The OSAS team helps to tend the Fedora Budget, which lies within their cost center, in conjunction with the FPL. This includes doing reimbursements, wire transfers, direct purchases (travel, swag, or otherwise), working with community credit card holders, working with FAmSCo and regional ambassador groups, working with Premier Fedora Event owners, communicating budget status on a regular basis, projecting budgets for future years.

Who we are

  • Ruth
  • Leslie
  • Karsten
  • Carl
  • Many others (Dave Neary, Garrett LeSage, Dan Allen, Jason Brooks, Eco Willson, Jim Jagielski, Joe Ottinger)

Who they work closely with

  • From Fedora - Robyn Bergeron and Spot
  • With other open source projects which Red Hat sponsors / supports and their various community leaders - JBoss, Gluster, oVirt, Aeolus, OpenShift Origin

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