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Fedora Packages are maintained collectively by a community of both Red Hat members and volunteers.
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{{admon/note|'Extras' redirects to this page.|Since Fedora 7, '''there no longer are separate Core and Extras repositories'''. Packages are maintained by both Red Hat employees and community volunteers in the '''same''' repository.}}
== Contributing roles ==
[[Category:Fedora sub-projects]]
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[[Join#OS_Developer|OS Developer]]
==Other useful links for Package Maintainers==
===For Users===
* Available Packages:
Fedora 12: [ Everything] | Fedora 11: [ Everything] | Fedora 10: [ Everything]
=== Get Involved ===
* [[PackageMaintainers/Join|How to Join the package collection maintainers]]
* [[Package_Review_Process|Package Review Process]] - describes the formal review process (for both contributors and reviewers)
* [[:Category:Packaging_SIGs| Packaging SIGs]] - Informal groups of packagers working on specific areas of the distribution
* [[EPEL|  EPEL]]  - Rebuild of Fedora packages for RHEL or compatible derivatives
=== Packaging Committee===
The [[Packaging:Committee| Packaging Committee]]  handles the rules and [[:Category:Packaging guidelines|guidelines for packaging]] software in Fedora. The most important ones:
[[Packaging:Guidelines| Packaging Guidelines]] |  [[Packaging:NamingGuidelines| Package Naming Guidelines]] |  [[Packaging:DistTag| Dist Tag Guidelines]] |  [[Packaging:ReviewGuidelines| Package Review Guidelines]] | [[Packaging:ScriptletSnippets| Recipes for RPM post scripts]]
==== Further reading ====
* [[How to create an RPM package]] - start here if you don't know how to create an RPM package
* [ Maximum RPM Book] - most detailed, but slightly obsolete
* [ RPM Guide]
* [[Docs/Drafts/BuildingPackagesGuide | Building Packages Guide]] Work through these examples.  You'll learn a lot.
=== Resources for Fedora Package Collection contributors ===
* [[SIGs|  SIGs]]  - Fedora Special Interest Groups
* [ Fedora package components in bugzilla]
* [ koji - Fedora Package Build System]
* [ Fedora Package Database]
* [ bohdi - Fedora Package Update System]
* [[ReleaseEngineering| RPM Repository Admin requests]] - Repository and CVS status pages for requesting manual copies and removals of packages
* [[Vacation|  Vacation Notice]]  - Add a vacation note if you are going to be unavailable for a few days.
* [[Test Machine Resources For Package Maintainers | Test Machines]] - Contributed servers for test, mock build, compile or debug packages before submitting to koji
=== Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo) ===
Fedora technical management is organized by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo).
* [[Development/SteeringCommittee| FESCo Members]] | [[Development/Schedule| FESCo's current schedule]] | [[Development/SteeringCommittee/Meetings| Summaries from the past FESCo meetings]]
* [[Development/Schedule/IdeasContainer| Ideas Container to collect long term ideas]]  (feel free to add things here!)

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This page has been moved out of the wiki. The current version of this document is located at Please update your bookmarks.


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