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Draft Documents
These are documents in a draft state, you rely upon them at your own risk.

These pages represent drafts of new packaging guidelines and proposals for packaging guidelines modifications.

Each page has a Discussion (talk) page for comments. Some pages may have a discussion section as a part of the page.

Please sign your comments with the


syntax which will add your name, a link to your User: page, and a date stamp.

Check the status of review on the packaging committee (FPC) agenda. If accepted, the draft would then be moved or merged into the existing Packaging Guidelines.

  • A approved new guideline will be moved to Packaging: (renamed as needed) and the category changed
  • A approved modification will be merged into existing guidelines and the draft will be moved to Archive: and the category removed
  • A rejected or otherwise dropped or dead draft should be moved to Archive: and the category removed

New pages should follow Help:Wiki_structure naming conventions and add the category at the bottom of the page. Existing pages will be renamed to meet the naming conventions (see Docs_tasks_for_Packaging_Guide_and_related_materials for status)


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