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Developer Assistant GUI


The feature aims to provide GUI for devassistant package.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 20
  • Last updated: 2013-07-15
  • Percentage of completion: 50%

Detailed Description

This feature aims to provide GUI frontend for devassistant package which currently only works on commandline.

Benefit to Fedora

Make development on Fedora easier for beginners who are afraid of/don't want to work with terminal.


  • creating wizard for each specific part for devassistant backend
  • all information will be taken from devassistant engine
    • selecting type of project per language
    • specification project path and name
    • specification what extension will be used during project generation
    • showing log window with all actions in tree dialog

Upgrade/compatibility impact

How To Test

Install "devassistant" package, run devassistant-gui and experiment.

User Experience

Developer Assistant GUI will be GUI tool for faster setting projects based on devassistant backend


Only devassistant package itself.

Contingency Plan

Do not ship the result if not ready. Since the feature is not required for anything else in the system, there will be no complications if not shipped.


Online documentation for GUI will be accessible at our current documentation site (, the same generated html documentation will also be accessible in a newly introduced devassistant-docs subpackage.

Release Notes

Developer Assistant GUI feature will provide graphical user interface for generating new projects using devassistant [[ ]]. More in-depth release notes will be produced when we actually do the release.