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With Fedora 19's First Class Cloud Images feature, we have Amazon EC2 and downloadable cloud images (in qcow2 and raw.xz format) produced and released together with the traditional desktop installer and and livecd images. Now, let's go to the next level and present the cloud images as equal options.

This involves three key changes. They are not significant changes to other packages, but since this has implications for the distribution as a whole, I thought it best considered as bigger than a self-contained change.

1. Refactoring of the Fedora web site to put the cloud image on equal footing with the desktop image download. The new F19 cloud images page is very nice thanks to the hard work of the web team, but unfortunately, in order to find it, one has to go down into the cellar, into a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying Beware of the Leopard. Let's put it on display in the metaphorical front lobby. 2. Creating specific release criteria and tests for basic cloud image functionality in, at least, Amazon EC2 and OpenStack. (Tests for smaller public cloud services could be added once those services gain the ability for us to provide official images directly. Tests for Eucalyptus and other IaaS software could be added as well.) 3. Building images in Koji using virtualization and Anaconda, rather than using a chroot-based appliance-creator. This will ensure that the cloud image is more in line with The Real Fedora.


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