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This page is based on notes taken by Gerard Braad and and Mel Chua They've been put here to capture ideas about long and short term goals for the Chinese Fedora community in the Fedora wiki.

Chinese Fedora community (Gerard's Google Docs notes)

N.B. Originally from notes taken by gbraad on Google Docs.

Growing the Chinese community into a self-organizing and healthy community. The main goal is to enlarge the Fedora Community and to seek new talents to contribute to the mainstream development. We pursue a very good involvement with and from the western Fedora Community and having a yearly FAD and/or possibility of hosting a FUDcon ... (Is this sentence complete? - nlam)


Mirror possiblities


Get at least 2 (or more) additional mirrors before the release of Fedora 13 This is to provide a better basis to start growing our userbase


Contact with mirrors lead to exposure and better performance of the mirrors One additional mirror is available; syncing with mirrormanager at the moment of writing (F12, F13)

Recent actions

Posting on LinuxTOY new mirror at BJTU; waiting for the finished sign.


Chen Lei (supercyper) can assist universities in setting up internal mirrors

MIPS port of fedora

The port will be mentioned in this document as being part of the Chinese Fedora Community, but is in fact a separate project with their own timeline. Currently the team is mostly comprised of Chinese team members. The ultimate goal is to have Western developers involved (as part of the vision of Fedora-ZH).


Have the MIPS port promoted to the status of official 2nd architecture. Currently Gerard has the project lead to jumpstart the project. Xin Zhen (LoneStar) performs the role of co-lead and will hopefully Xin Zhen take the lead of the project (Gerard will move to co-lead). Before this can happen, more developers/packagers need to be attracted to maintain the port.


Testing stage for F12. Currently being build. Package patches need to be tested for quality and compatibility

Recent actions

Maintained contact with the ARM port about general information; how they dealt with the kernel RPM as the built Infrastructure. Had talks with MIPS Technologies and are offered evaluation boards for compatibility testing.

  • Follow the 2nd architetcure guidelines more closely
  • Koji build infrastructure
  • Qemu build environment
  • Creation of F12 rootfs
  • QA testing of Fedora 12 on MIPS
  • Patches submission
  • Hosting

Package sponsors


Currently the development of Fedora is lead by people mostly with a Western background. Our goal is to have one and hopefully two sponsored packagers with a Chinese background.


Caius Chance (kaio) and Chen Lei (supercyper) are the two appointed candidates. Kaio agreed on wanting to review one package a day.

  • Translation of the packaging guidelines to the Chinese language.

Organizing a Fedora event

To get a better feeling for the community, it would be wise to create a Fedora Activity Day or having a more general Fedora Users and Developers conference. As a short-term solution it would be advisable to target a FAD since it allows us to better organize our activities and focus.


Having this alongside a larger event to exploit the opportunity of marketing exposure. Currently investigating the idea of bringing the LOAD (Linux Open Administration Days) to China. A large event will probably take place in Beijing, Shanghai or HongKong, but for the FAD it would be more convenient to also target cities like Nanjing or Xi'an, etc.

Creating a better platform for the community

Fedora-ZH now uses a webserver at which hosts a forum and acts as a general hub for the Chinese Community. It should be noted that this server is having issues with performance. It would be advisable to discuss hosting alternatives with the Fedora Infrastructure team.

Mailinglists have already been moved from Google to the Fedora Infrastructure.


Fedora-ZH does currently not have any options to use marketing material; like flyers, banners and Fedora shirts.

  • Translation of flyers and the Fedora goals
  • Try to get a budget for marketing material
  • Take care of shirts for Fedora Ambassadors

Mel's & Gerard's Etherpad notes

Based on notes originally made in Etherpad.


  • Blog about Ambassadorship and make sure it gets translated into Chinese and sent to the zh planet - stress the importance of contributing to another team first
  • Get Tatica's blog post on Ambassadorship + languages translated into Chinese and sent to the zh planet
  • Pursue my mentorship candidacy with FAmSCo

Someone needs to be proposed for this, besides Mel. This needs to be someone who is well accepted in the community

  • Get someone (Harish? Joerg? Gerard? Nik?) to investigate the swag/resources situation in FAmAPAC (or whatever we call it) and offer to be their credit-card-unblocker if needed

Beijing QA team

  • Thank-you email to AWESOME Fedora QA engineers Liam Li and Rui "Hurry" He, and their intern Mingtao Niu from James Laska's team in Beijing
  • Point them towards the FUDCon and FAD documentation, encourage them to run a QA FAD (live Test Day) in Beijing - hand off to adamw if possible

Did get in touch with AdamW before, but no reponse to my email.

  • Look to see what FUDCon events are coming up in APAC and whether Beijing would make a good host location for the next one that's not set; send to Chinese Fedora mailing list, blog to Planet (en/zh)
  • Help Liam, Hurry, and Mingtao write down their ideas for fedora-zh community growth (they have a lot of good ones) and get them out to the Chinese list, and blogged about on Planet (zh and en)
  • Talk with James about potentially getting the three of them a little "20% time" to work on building up local community, which they'd really like to do but have no time for (not necessarily immediately, but in the future)

Shanghai crew

  • Get Nik started with Infrastructure team, hand-off to mdomsch or someone there and make sure he introduces himself as someone working in China
  • Email Zhen re: resources for ARM work and ask him to forward it to the rest of his team and to ask if they've got questions or requests for resources

- Get him in touch with some ARM people I know

  • Blog about dinner, with pictures

Individuals to follow-up with

  • gbraad (Gerard, Beijing)
  • kaio (Caius, Brisbane) - Let's make an appointment sometime at your morning, my midnight.
  • xennik (Nik, Shanghai)
  • LoneStar (Xin Zhen, Shanghai, MIPS team member)
  • jlaska (James, Beijing ?)
  • rhe (Rui He, Beijing, see what we can do to strengthen ties for Fedora in China)
  • Newgle
  • lili
  • lovenemesis (Tommy He, Xian)

Outstanding issues

  • Application for (hk., tw., etc.)

  • Hosting of Community websites by an external party (as part of the Fedora Infrastructure?). Quaid had proposed the idea of getting 3+ people to join the Infra team. Would be willing to join as part of maintaining the fc.o website and for helping with new mirrors.

Software Freedom Day

  • Saturday 18th of September:
  • Registration for