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Please read below before update the list:

  • Insert your entry according to alphanumeric order of FAS Account Name.
  • Empty boxes are allowed for information you are not comfortable to share.
  • Do not remove the first entry "Ima Sample" as the sample.
Fedora Chinese Contributors
FAS Account Name Nick or Name (your language) Nick or Name (in English) Location Communication Content Design OS Dev Translation Web Dev & Admin
ImaSample 愛瑪森普 Ima Sample Dream City, Wonderland
cheeselee 李瑞彬 Robin 'cheese' Lee Guangzhou, China
iaml iaml iaml Guangzhou, China a little
Kaio かいお Caius Chance Brisbane, Australia
Lood lood
lyndon jue lyn Shenzhen, China
Simonyan 益牙 yeeyaa Beijing, China
tiansworld TianShixiong tiansworld Tianjin, China
lemon027 蒙你 Meng Ni Wuhan, China a little