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Chocolatada Linuxera


Event Owners



Saturday, December 23rd 2017.


Fabian's house.

Event Description

As Christmas time draws near, and it is usually a time to share our love and enjoy with family and friends. We decided to share a breakfast with the members of LinuXatUNI.

We have conformed a LinuXatUNi community in Lima, Peru a year ago, where we encourage more students to be involved with basically two Free Software projects: Fedora and GNOME.

Since these two projects have helped us in many events to keep "predicating the Linux word" in many universities. We are going to celebrate Christmas with a breakfast that includes "Chocolate and Paneton".

Every member of out team is going to share a product to prepared our breakfast. After that, we are planning to do games to integrate basically the two groups we had: students for the GNOME PeruChallenge and the PeruRumboGSoC2018.

The Linux Foundation has delivered a box with prizes to our group from the US, so because it is the end of the year, we are planing to prize the effort of the most remarkable students of LinuXatUNI.

Fedora balloons are going to be present in the event for sure! :)

Picture of the event