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Christopher Aillon

Christopher Aillon has been an active developer of Mozilla Gecko and web browsers for over four years. First at Netscape Communications, Corp. and now at Red Hat, Inc. , Christopher continues his work as lead browser developer of the Desktop Team. He has written code and patches for much of the Mozilla codebase, including implementations of W3C DOM and CSS features, tabbed browsing, popup blocking, and Gecko's JavaScript security capabilities model. Christopher remains an active member of the Mozilla community, working on the GNOME integration of Firefox and Thunderbird. He is a member of Mozilla Drivers , and has a focus on security as a peer of the Mozilla Security Group . At Red Hat, he now is the Desktop Applications Team Lead. This brings him into close contact with, Evolution, and Eclipse.

He currently maintains the NetworkManager, firefox, mozilla, thunderbird, epiphany, xchat and htmlview packages in Fedora.

Email: [[MailTo(]

References : Personal Blog Red Hat People Page

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