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== Contributing ==
== Contributing ==
For start I attend to contribute to fedora project by being a Fedora ambassador in Greece.
'''Ambassadors:''' Fedora Greece
'''L10n:''' Submitting Translations
'''Docs:''' Localization, Writing Docs

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Christos Bacharakis

Hello, my name is Christos Bacharakis and I study Computer Science and Communications at Serres Technical Unvercity in Greece. I am a proudly member of Serlug’s kernel team and I support Free and Open Source. I like new technologies, basketball and programming. In my free time I messing around with Fedora, Gnome, generally Free & Open Source world or developing a personal project. I usually write C/C++ and now I am learning Python thanks to Dimitris Glezos. I want to contribute to FedoraProject and Gnome with many ways. For start I attend to be a Greek Fedora Ambassador and contribute to L10n project.


Name: Christos Bacharakis

Age: 20 Current Residence: Serres , Thessaloniki - Greece

Interested in: Programming, Basketball, Social engineering, Network Security, IT

Member of: Serlug’s Kernel Team, FedoraProject, Greek FedoraProject, Free Software Foundation, Fedora L10n Team, Fedora Ambassador (in probation)

Familiar with: C/C++, C#, Java, php, javascript, HTML, CSS, python

Use: Fedora Linux 9, Free & Open Source Software

Favorite movie(s): Pirates of Silicon Valley, Fight Club, Hackers, Antitrust

Favorite book(s): The Art Of Deception, Digital Fortress

Tools to trade: Code and Ideas

Favorite quote: Impossible is nothing


Website: soon



Irc: cmpahar on freenode

GPG key: 1024D/CCFA0AEB ( Key fingerprint = A086 05A0 D1A6 0B52 603B 45C8 7DB2 16E6 CCFA )


Ambassadors: Fedora Greece

L10n: Submitting Translations

Docs: Localization, Writing Docs