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We are organizing a weekend long list of events focusing on tools and applications in and around Fedora. All classes will be held in irc @ #fedora-classroom in If you are not familiar with irc, see the Fedora IRC HowTo .

Have a look at the list below, if there is not a session, you'd like to see, please suggest it and we'll do our best to accommodate the request.

The Current Timeline

This timeline is currently in Draft mode. Pick a time you would like to present and add your name to the list. We'll contact you the day before so leave your contact information as well.

Time (UTC) November 8 November 9 Time (UTC) December 6 December 7
20:00 UTC Clint Savage - SELinux Basics Kevin Fenzi - Firewall Basics 10:00 UTC Something Else Another class
21:00 UTC Jon Stanley - An introduction to Bugzilla A class by someone 11:00 UTC Something Else Something Else
22:00 UTC Paul W. Frields - Beginner's guide to getting involved A class by someone 12:00 UTC Something Else Something Else
23:00 UTC Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams - Packaging and You A class by someone 13:00 UTC Something Else Something Else

Suggest a Class

If there is something you'd like to see during Fedora-Classroom sessions, let us know below

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