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Proposal: Move Atomic Host to Rapid Release (2-week) Cycle

To better focus the work of the Cloud Working Group **and** provide a better experience for users interested in an Atomic Host, we are suggesting a change in strategy that would lead to "demoting" the Atomic image to remix or spin status temporarily.

This would mean making the "standard" cloud image and Docker image the focus of the Cloud Working Group, and temporarily removing Atomic as a blocker for release. We would continue to work on an Atomic Host that would be released out-of-band on approximately a two-week update cycle.


The Project Atomic work is moving at a rapid clip that doesn't currently fit well into the Fedora release cycle. There is a strong need to iterate quickly and occasionally rebase on work that is in Rawhide or that may not align well with work towards a Fedora release.

Additionally, some of the tools (Docker, Kubernetes) are evolving rapidly enough that supporting older releases through the entire release lifecycle of a standard Fedora release may not make sense.


At this time, we should continue working on the Atomic Host as a spin or remix for the next few release cycles (at least F23, F24). When Atomic has matured and work slows somewhat we can reapply to consider Atomic as a release requirement or even a separate edition.

Effect on Cloud Edition

This would effectively make the standard cloud images the default product for the Cloud edition, along with the base Docker image for Fedora. It would be up to the Cloud Working Group and participants from Project Atomic to manage releases of the Atomic Host based on Fedora as well as to promote the host, etc.