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Runbooks and SOPs for Atomic

This page documents how Atomic images are generated, updated, etc. to provide a better understanding for Cloud WG members. This is a work in progress, as many changes discussed below are noted as not having been implemented yet.

Educate yourself

Compose script operations

Scripts that compose images need to be updated to generate the files required by Atomic. Releng scripts "buildbranched" and "buildrawhide" need to be updated with Atomic code, similar to "run-pungi". All of these scripts need to run ostree summary -u to generate ostree summary files for each compose.

MirrorManager operations

Normally, MirrorManager crawls directories looking for repositories. In that case, repositories are identified by their repomd.xml file. The info contained in that file is used to build the metalinks. However, for atomic images, we don't care about repomd.xml files. Future patches to MirrorManager will need to look for an ostree repo with a summary file instead.

MirrorManager's "" file needs to be updated to generate a metalink to the summary file generated by the compose scripts.