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OpenShift Origin Testbed

This page will track requirements for the Fedora OpenShift Origin Testbed (FOOT).


The Fedora Cloud Working Group would like to have a ground-up testbed for its container, Atomic, and OpenShift work. To that end we want to build a small instance running OpenShift Origin on top of Fedora Atomic Host that we can use for continuous testing and hands-on experience *running* an OpenShift/Atomic instance.



Access to the FOOT is going to be limited to members of the Fedora Cloud Working Group for testing and prototyping, and to Fedora Infra folks as they're going to be providing some limited assistance and may need to have access to systems.


Hardware / Resources

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The FOOT is going to be provided on a "best-effort" basis, with no guarantees as to uptime or suitability for services. Clearly we need the service to be functioning the majority of the time, but it is not considered a crucial service for Fedora Infrastructure. We will not be paging anyone to get them out of bed to restore service, and there may be periods of time when we discover service issues due to regressions in Atomic, Origin, or other components that make up the stack.

Absolutely no long-running services are to be deployed on this infrastructure. Services running on top of OpenShift should be for testing purposes only and anything deployed on top of FOOT can and will be reaped at any time. Data loss will ensue for any applications left running here.