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Updated For Atomic

The purpose of this page is to design new content for, which will replace for the F25 release.

Deadline: September 20th, 2016

Main Page

This is the scrolling main page which shows what fedoraatomic is, and provides text and quotes.


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Main Description

Use immutable infrastructure to deploy and scale your containerized applications. Fedora Atomic provides the best platform for your Linux Docker Kubernetes (LDK) application stack.


"We chose to use Fedora Atomic as the base for our Navops Launch - Kubernetes cluster provisioning solution because our customers trust and already run Red Hat operating systems. We love the immutable aspect of Fedora Atomic which is perfect for containerized environments." Cameron Brunner, Chief Architect, Navops by Univa

Atomic Host

Atomic Host from Project Atomic is a lightweight, immutable platform, designed with the sole purpose of running containerized applications.

Fedora's version of Atomic Host uses the same package repositories as Fedora Server, and provides the latest versions of the Atomic platform.


OStree Updates: atomically update your system from the latest upstream OStree. Make your servers identical, and easily roll back if there's an upgrade problem.

Atomic CLI: manage Docker containers, system containers, Atomic Apps, and more using one convenient command-line tool.

Optimized for Kubernetes and OpenShift Origin: building a Kubernetes or Origin cluster to run your containerized applications? Run it on Fedora Atomic, which provides you the platform you need on a smaller, leaner OS.

Download Page

Main Download Link

Fedora Atomic ISOs

Last Updated Ticker

We need a way to display which 2-week release this is, which will automatically update. How can we do this? Needs to be something which will work as a JS widget.

Secondary Download Links

2. AWS Image Picker

3. Link to Vagrant install instructions (not download)

Other Downloads

  • qcow2 image
  • raw image
  • docker base image(s)

(libvirt, Virtualbox images will be subsumed into vagrant click-through)

Vagrant Install Page

Vagrant Boxes for Fedora Atomic Host are available for the VirtualBox and Libvirt providers. You can bring up Fedora Atomic Host in a vagrant box by running:

vagrant init fedora/24-atomic-host && vagrant up

If you’ve previously used vagrant to run a Fedora Atomic 24 VM, first ensure that you have the latest version by running:

vagrant box update --box=fedora/24-atomic-host

Unresolved Questions

  1. What happens to the Cloud Base Image AWS picker? That needs to be somewhere on Does it go onto Server page?
  1. The Extra Downloads site is being completely overhauled, and will be much more sophisticated. Shou'd qcow and raw go there instead?