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OpenStack in Fedora Marketing Flyer

This page is currently brainstorming for text for a flyer focused on OpenStack in F16/F17.

OpenStack in F16

The Diablo versions of these core OpenStack projects were provided

  • Nova
  • Glance
  • Swift

As well as these incubation projects

  • Keystone
  • Quantum

Enhancements were made to Nova to support libguestfs which increased the variety of Virtual Machine image formats that could be manipulated.

What's Coming in Fedora 17

OpenStack is updated to the Essex release. Highlights include:

  • Better integration with the now core Keystone service
  • The Dashboard UI is included
  • openvswitch is available for use by Quantum
  • QPID was used as the messaging transport which simplifies dependencies

About the Fedora Cloud SIG or "getting involved" Section

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