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The Fedora Cloud SIG works to make Fedora successful on all major cloud platforms, public and private.

Mailing List


Fedora Cloud folks hang out on at #fedora-cloud.


Meetings are held weekly on Thursdays, 2100 UTC on #fedora-meeting (currently 1700 Eastern US daylight time (UTC-4)).

Upcoming meeting agenda

Next meeting: 2010/07/15 - 2100 UTC (5pm Eastern), in #fedora-meeting.

  • Status check: Action items from previous meeting.
    • ke4qqq Research and report back on possible costs of testing, if amazon has a recommendation on testing with large groups of testers, check into cost approval with ... whoever would pay for it.
    • jforbes to respond to gholms mailing list email on eucatools stuff.
    • jforbes to continue trying to get ahold of huff on .ks stuff (get updated to F13)
    • rbergeron to talk to spevack about location of the huff done. --Rbergero 05:17, 15 July 2010 (UTC)
    • jforbes to send patched .ks file to the list with testing instructions
    • rbergeron to put more of this to-do stuff in wiki to-do list, mail to mailing list.
    • rbergeron to ping spevack about getting account info to create mirrors, get info to mdomsch. done. --Rbergero 05:17, 15 July 2010 (UTC)
    • jeevan_ullas to make a wiki page of to-dos for eucalyptus

rbergeron to put more of this to-do stuff in wiki to-do list, mail to mailing list.

  • Documentation
    • jforbes to start populating the wiki page with basic information as time allows
  • Question: Would it be good for us to have a trac instance?
  • Status Update: kernel status
  • Add your agenda item here.

Past Meetings

To-Do List

  • Need Kernel pushed.
  • Need actual images - huff is working on the ks file.
  • Testing:
    • Can start working on this now with local xen testing - we can test and tune the ks file on rhel 5.3 or newer hosts.
    • Testing without ec2 requires a xen host - once you have a xen host, you can create an image with appliance-tools using the kickstart file from huff.
    • Need to get location of file from huff. Please link it here!
    • Boot image, make sure it works, look for critical packages, report back if things are needed or something doesn't work (or does work).
    • Need to identify list of critical packages
    • Need to identify place for people to list their test results - GOOD OR BAD

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