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The Fedora Cloud SIG works to make Fedora successful on all major cloud platforms, public and private.

Mailing List


Fedora Cloud folks hang out on at #fedora-cloud.


Meetings are held weekly on Thursdays, 2100 UTC on #fedora-meeting (currently 1700 Eastern US daylight time (UTC-4)).

Upcoming meeting agenda

Next meeting: 2010/07/15 - 2100 UTC (5pm Eastern), in #fedora-meeting.

  • Status check: Action items from previous meeting.
    • ke4qqq Research and report back on possible costs of testing, if amazon has a recommendation on testing with large groups of testers, check into cost approval with ... whoever would pay for it.
    • jforbes to respond to gholms mailing list email on eucatools stuff.
    • jforbes to continue trying to get ahold of huff on .ks stuff (get updated to F13)
    • rbergeron to talk to spevack about location of the huff done. --Rbergero 05:17, 15 July 2010 (UTC)
    • jforbes to send patched .ks file to the list with testing instructions
    • rbergeron to put more of this to-do stuff in wiki to-do list, mail to mailing list.
    • rbergeron to ping spevack about getting account info to create mirrors, get info to mdomsch. done. --Rbergero 05:17, 15 July 2010 (UTC)
    • jeevan_ullas to make a wiki page of to-dos for eucalyptus
    • rbergeron to put more of this to-do stuff in wiki to-do list, mail to mailing list.
  • Documentation
    • jforbes to start populating the wiki page with basic information as time allows
  • Question: Would it be good for us to have a trac instance?
  • Status Update: kernel status
  • Add your agenda item here.

Past Meetings

To-Do List

  • Testing:
    • Can start working on this now with local xen testing - we can test and tune the ks file on rhel 5.3 or newer hosts.
    • Testing without ec2 requires a xen host - once you have a xen host, you can create an image with appliance-tools using the kickstart file from huff.
    • Need to get location of file from huff. Please link it here!
    • Boot image, make sure it works, look for critical packages, report back if things are needed or something doesn't work (or does work).
    • Need to identify list of critical packages
    • Need to identify place for people to list their test results - GOOD OR BAD
  • Documentation
    • Start by documenting how to boot an image from EC2 - ami-988b60f1 is an example, document the use of it, and we change the names to the official release when it is ready.
    • amazon documentation should be linked off the ec2 login page - can be a good reference point. (rbergeron, 21:17:43)
    • need separate docs for publishing to ec2, and booting an image from ec2. But booting and using is the more important, and one that can be worked on now (in fact testers can use it for testing instructions)

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