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The Fedora Cloud Special Interest Group

This is a draft for an updated Cloud SIG web site. Please see the current page at Cloud SIG, which has actual useful information.

Fedora Cloud SIG

Quick Links

  • fedora in ec2
  • other cloud images
  • fedora cloud docs
  • participate (below)

Our Goals


What Do We Mean by "Cloud"?

(this should probably be a short paragraph and a link for more)

Areas of Activity

Fedora in the Cloud

Cloud guest images and cloud guest issues.

  • ec2 images
  • downloadable images for private or hybrid clouds
  • other public cloud providers
  • cloud-init documentation

Constituents: anyone interested in development and production use of Fedora as a server platform

The Cloud on Fedora

Cloud platforms packaged for and running on Fedora.

  • openstack / eucalyptus / cloudstack / opennebula
  • openshift origin
  • owncloud / sparkleshare

Constituents: upstream cloud infrastructure projects, downstream distros using Fedora, Fedora as tech preview, Fedora as testbed, Fedora as part of real infrastructure (ovirt-node). Special note for EPEL.

The Cloud for Fedora

The Fedora Project as a user of cloud technologies.

  • Fedora Infrastructure private cloud
  • connections with openshift?
  • other ways we can use cloud tech to benefit Fedora development

Constituents: Fedora contributors

Fedora as Cloud End-Point

Desktop and mobile devices running Fedora connect to cloud services.

  • connecting with cloud accounts
  • software-as-a-service for fedora users
  • possible service offerings

Constituents: users of Fedora as a desktop or mobile operating system. Special note for privacy and data-control concerns.

Participating in the Cloud SIG

(nothing fancy required to join... ways of participating below...)

Mailing List


  1. fedora-cloud

Virtual Meetings

Right now, none. We focus on working things out in the mailing list, which better accommodates different timezones.


  • Flock
  • LinuxCon / CloudOpen