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In addition to DVDs and Live CDs, the Fedora Project makes its distribution available on cloud computing architectures. These Fedora images provide an excellent (and extensible) foundation for your server or appliance.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Fedora's EC2 images follow the standard EC2 login conventions, meaning that root login is disabled, but sudo access is granted.

The default username for the images is ec2-user.

Full documentation for interacting with EC2 is available from Amazon Web Services.

Direct questions or comments to the Cloud SIG email list.

Current EC2 test images

Fedora 16 Beta

Region Architecture Root store AMI ID
us-east-1 i386 EBS-backed ami-2f69a446
us-east-1 x86_64 EBS-backed ami-d96ea3b0
us-west-1 i386 EBS-backed ami-6d4d1128
us-west-1 x86_64 EBS-backed ami-7f5a063a
eu-west-1 i386 EBS-backed ami-c4fbc9b0
eu-west-1 x86_64 EBS-backed ami-d6fbc9a2
ap-southeast-1 i386 EBS-backed ami-c01b6192
ap-southeast-1 x86_64 EBS-backed ami-201b6172
ap-northeast-1 i386 EBS-backed ami-e6bb0fe7
ap-northeast-1 x86_64 EBS-backed ami-32bb0f33

Currently supported EC2 images

Fedora 15

Region Architecture Root store AMI ID
us-east-1 i386 Instance store (S3) ami-6ebe4507
us-east-1 x86_64 Instance store (S3) ami-72bf441b
us-east-1 i386 EBS-backed ami-60bd4609
us-east-1 x86_64 EBS-backed ami-2abf4443

Fedora 14

Region Architecture Root store AMI ID
us-east-1 i386 Instance store (S3) ami-669f680f
us-east-1 x86_64 Instance store (S3) ami-e291668b
us-west-1 i386 Instance store (S3) ami-6e3a6a2b
us-west-1 x86_64 Instance store (S3) ami-723a6a37
eu-west-1 i386 Instance store (S3) ami-ac281dd8
eu-west-1 x86_64 Instance store (S3) ami-a8281ddc
ap-southeast-1 i386 Instance store (S3) ami-427c0210
ap-southeast-1 x86_64 Instance store (S3) ami-487c021a

Custom image creation

Visit Cloud_SIG/EC2_Creation for instructions on how to build custom versions of these images.