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Using EC2

Fedora EC2 images are lean images and make a great foundation for your appliance. They follow the standard EC2 login convention. Root login is disabled. Users should log in as 'ec2-user', where you will have sudo access to run commands which require elevated access. Full documentation for interacting with EC2 is available from Amazon. At this time, only S3 backed images are available, but EBS backed images will be coming soon. Please check back to see when EBS images are listed, or watch the Cloud SIG email list:

Currently Supported EC2 Images

Fedora 14

Region Arch Root Store AMI ID
us-east-1 i386 instance store [ ami-669f680f]
us-east-1 x86_64 instance store [ ami-e291668b]
us-west-1 i386 instance store [ ami-6e3a6a2b]
us-west-1 x86_64 instance store [ ami-723a6a37]
eu-west-1 i386 instance store [ ami-ac281dd8]
eu-west-1 x86_64 instance store [ ami-a8281ddc]
ap-southeast-1 i386 instance store [ ami-427c0210]
ap-southeast-1 x86_64 instance store [ ami-487c021a]