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Coimbatore Fedora Contribution Camp is a free event that offers students at Amrita University the opportunity to learn about the Fedora Project, find areas to contribute and make their first step towards approaching potential mentors within the community. Being a first-of-its-kind in the area, it also serves as an experiment for similar future events.

Since permissions to allow outsiders to the campus is a little tricky, we're restricting entry to only University students. If it goes well, we'll emulate it in the city as a bigger event.

Date and Venue

  • Dates: 13, 14, 17 November 2014
  • Timings: Starts after class, closes depending on interest
  • Venue: Amrita University
    • Day 1: Amriteshwari Hall
    • Day 2: Academic Block Seminar Hall
    • Day 3: Academic Block Seminar Hall


  • Day 3: Exploration and Engagement Day
    • Visit some of the projects we have, that would potentially attract freshers: badges for eg.
    • Engage students into contributing to some by helping them do the first contact
    • Focus on the non-programming elements that require help
    • Talk about Internet Relay Chat (IRC), Mailing List (ML) good practices etc
  • Day 1: Movie Evening
    • Sarup Banskota: Intro to FCC, tech{know}logy club, FOSS, this movie and how it's all related
    • Led by Manjush Vundemodalu and Sachin: Screening of Internet's Own Boy, the story of Aaron Swartz
    • Abhishek Ahuja: Invitation to the following days
  • Day 2: General Introduction Day
    • Abhishek Ahuja: Intro to FOSS, and alternatives to popular software
    • Sachin Kamath : Session on advantages of Linux, introduction to various distros and desktop environments
    • Manjush Vundemodalu: My experiments with operating systems
    • Sarup Banskota: Intro to the Fedora Project and what it means for students, followed by a run through the A-Z guide

Event Owner and Staff

We're lucky to have few students volunteer towards the event. As precursor events, the same team did a mini-installfest, sessions on Git, Jekyll, installing packages and so on.



Please strike items once they're over.

  • Reserve Amriteshwari Hall for Movie night [@Manjush]
    • Notes: 3 faculty need to be present during the event - taken care of
  • Reserve CPlabs/Seminar Halls for Friday and Monday [@Sarup]
    • Notes: We have the big halls \o/, the best faculty and full support now.
  • Anirudh designs poster for movie night
  • Manjush helps with printing posters from the CPlab
  • Sachin + Manjush work on publicizing in individual classrooms
  • Stick the posters in public places for maximum reach
  • Check to see with Tuanta if there's funds available for snacks on Monday [@Sarup]
    • Notes: Tuanta recommends opening a ticket, @Sarup to open ticket on Wednesday night
  • Arrange for someone to help with taking photos/record videos [@Sarup]
    • Notes: Ahuja has agreed with photographing the essential bits of the event
  • Arrange projector/whiteboards for Friday and Monday [@Sarup]
  • Decide how to split swag for this event [@Sarup]
    • Notes: Have to produce/obtain swag for future events
  • Make sure people blog on time and publish on wiki [@Sarup]