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If you are a organization or a user group who wants to collaborate with the listed people in page collaborate, then please tell us about yourself in a bit more detail on this page.

User Groups

List your user group at appropriate section

Linux User Group (user groups about only the Kernel)

GNU/Linux User Group (user groups about GNU/Linux operating systems)

Free Software User Groups (Other free software user groups)

Freedom in Technology Supporter and Developer Groups

  • Nixal (The FTSDG of NSEC)

Developer Networks

Free Software Developer Networks(Any FSF recognized license)

Open Source Software Developer Networks(Non FSF recognized licenses but OSI recognized liceses)

FOSS Developer Networks (Both FSF and OSI recognized licenses)

Freedom in Technology Supporter and Developer Network (For anyone who supports and develops Free Technology)


For Profit

Non Profit



Web Based Community

This is a place for web based communities to list themselves.