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Till date, we have worked on metrics like

  • Understanding Impact of Attending Fedora Events like FOSDEM
  • Diversity Metrics
  • Year in Review Metrics for differents parts of Fedora Project.
  • Metrics for Fedora Election cycle
  • Community Blog Metrics
  • fedmsg related metrics

Possible future metrics ideas (as discussed in Community Operations workshop in FLOCK 2016) -

  • Release parties metrics
   - Information about impact at release parties (since they are more closer environment than a large conference)
   - Gaps between times when claimed (for peaks) with city names for different release party dates
  • Community metrics
   - By Geographical diversity
       # of contributors of specific areas in project (filtering FAS groups by countries / regions)
  • Globalization metrics
  - what countries are actively translating to their language (or making small attempts to begin, as an indicator for #help)
  - Other Zanata / Localization metrics

Some open metrics related tickets can also be found on the CommOps Trac Instance here