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To communicate with other people about Summer Coding 2010 use these resources:

  • General open discussion mailing list for 2010:
    Discussions between students, mentors, sub-projects, and upstreams.
    Weekly status report from students, in addition to blog.
    General program announcements; all students and mentors are required to be on this list.
    Occasional discussion, resolution, and decision on student project matters, as warranted.
  • IRC #fedora-summer-coding on (Web-based chat)
  • SIG mailing list
    How we are structuring and running the program - discussions and decisions.
    Anything related to program oversight, goals, short- and long-term plans - discussions and decisions.
  • Contact project leaders directly:
    • Karsten Wade
    • Patrick W. Barnes
    • Put yourself here if you are a leader and want to be contacted individually by those who need this communication channel.
  • Private mentors list