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This is where we track deliverables, deadlines, and schedules for the team.  <s>Cross stuff out</s> when it no longer applies or is completed, and we'll cull things at the end of the week.
''This page is not meant to capture all the day-to-day stuff that people on the team are doing.  Rather, it is a reminder of the '''most important deadlines''' around which our other work must co-exist.''
== Friday June 12 ==
* <s>MEL & GREG & MAX -- .edu update to mrc</s>
* <s>MEL -- end of week report on where we are w/ POSSE, and what we need for next week.</s>
* <s>JACK -- First thoughts/draft on [[Marketing/F11_cycle_retrospect|F11 retrospective]].</s>
* KARSTEN -- next IPA discussion w/ bstevens will be June 30.  Initial draft of detailed, and aggressive, plan of what we want to achieve by then, including mockups suggested by Spot?
* KARSTEN -- next iteration of new ISV report.
* GREG -- second draft of textbook outline to various lists
== Monday June 15 ==
* No team meeting (Max w/ customers in Stockholm).
* GREG -- HFOSS and SELF trip reports report on Planet (any private stuff to team list).
* JACK -- press archive up to date.
* JACK -- Finalize F11 Cycle Retrospect and prepare for meeting on Tuesday
== Tuesday June 16 ==
* JACK -- Fedora 11 Retrospection Meeting with Poelstra +1 member of marketing. <Steven Moix>
* JACK -- Fedora Marketing Meeting. Agenda = Looking Back, Moving Forward: F11 Retropspection and Fedora Magazine/F12 Cycle
== Wednesday June 17 ==
* JACK -- Trip to Westford. Meet with Mo and Mel.
* JACK -- Meet with others in westford.  Possibly try to get audio/interview.
* KARSTEN -- ISV progress report prior to 1:1, showing several areas in which we are engaged with their team.
== Thursday June 18 ==
* JACK -- Travel back from Westford and draft of notes from meeting
* MAX -- Stockholm trip report to Planet, list & mrc.
* MAX -- Brand Week blog post due to John Adams.
* GREG -- Show Community Cookbook to Spacewalk team and ask for feedback.
* MEL -- POSSE update to Greg and Max.
== Friday June 19 ==
* GREG -- Spacewalk discussion w/ Max, laying out detailed plans for next 4-6 weeks of engagement.  Similar to IPA, we want to engage in multiple ways.
* MAX -- some sort of EKG reporting delivered to the list.
* MEL -- Update Max on status of F12 websites discussion/planning.  What are folks thinking, and have any goals been set, etc.  Interested in the general plan, not just in what you are going to do yourself.
* JACK -- continue work on plan for Marketing/Fedora Magazine.
== Monday June 22 ==
* No team meeting (Max & Greg traveling to Berlin).
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