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This is where we track deliverables, deadlines, and schedules for the team.  <s>Cross stuff out</s> when it no longer applies or is completed, and we'll cull things at the end of the week.
''This page is not meant to capture all the day-to-day stuff that people on the team are doing.  Rather, it is a reminder of the '''most important deadlines''' around which our other work must co-exist.''
== Deliverables prior to September 1 meeting ==
=== Karsten ===
* Be ready to discuss FreeIPA stuff.
* Be ready to give some thoughts on your lunch-n-learn (either in the meeting or on the list is fine).
* Is GSoC over?  Do we have a Summer coding 2009 wiki page that summarizes things?  Is this something that you should be doing, or someone else?
=== Greg ===
* Chapter 1 of the TOS textbook.
* Be ready to discuss Cloud stuff.
=== Mel ===
* Foo
=== Max ===
* Catch up on EMEA Ambassadors stuff.
* Start working on EMEA final report for mrc & jim.
* Be ready to discuss Cloud stuff.

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