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This is where we track deliverables, deadlines, and schedules for the team.  <s>Cross stuff out</s> when it no longer applies or is completed, and we'll cull things at the end of the week.
''This page is not meant to capture all the day-to-day stuff that people on the team are doing.  Rather, it is a reminder of the '''most important deadlines''' around which our other work must co-exist.''
== Deliverables prior to September 8 meeting ==
=== Karsten ===
* Chat w/ Charlie & Curtis
* Is GSoC over?  Do we have a Summer coding 2009 wiki page that summarizes things?  Is this something that you should be doing, or someone else?  How can we wrap up GSoC properly, and show some value?  What followups are needed?
* TOSW updates, Max would like to be able to print out a fully-updated, RH-branded copy to hand mrc.
=== Greg ===
* Cloud and Spacewalk.  Run as fast as possible.
=== Mel ===
* F12 and Linux Magazine discovery work.  Can we make it happen for the non-budget requirements?
* Give us an update on Fedora Marketing.  How well did the Alpha deliverables go?  Give us a brief preview of the Beta schedule.
* What are you thinking about in terms of Education stuff @ FSOSS & FUDCon?
=== Max ===
* Q3 stuff for all Ambassadors worldwide.
** Followup with Martin in LATAM.
* EMEA/global community report for mrc & jim.
* Managerial stuff
* CMU ribbon-cutting proposal

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