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This is where we track deliverables, deadlines, and schedules for the team.  <s>Cross stuff out</s> when it no longer applies or is completed, and we'll cull things at the end of the week.
''This page is not meant to capture all the day-to-day stuff that people on the team are doing.  Rather, it is a reminder of the '''most important deadlines''' around which our other work must co-exist.''
== Monday June 22 ==
* No team meeting (Max & Greg traveling to Berlin).
* <s>JACK -- Update team list on plan for Marketing/Fedora Magazine (link to wiki is ok).</s>
* <s>JACK -- Meeting report from last week in Westford.</s>
* <s>JACK -- Add any remaining items to press archive.</s>
* <s>JACK -- Organize meeting with Adam Baxter (Services Marketing Intern)</s> Thursday Morning
* <s>JACK -- Organize meeting with Mel and Sean Daly (SugarLabs/L'Oreal Marketing Guru)</s> Sean is busy, sometime next week.
* <s>JACK -- Organize meeting around Metrics with Ian Weller, Mike McGrath and EVERYONE</s> Work being coordinated here:
* KARSTEN -- Where are all the concurrent IPA threads that you are pursuing being detailed?
* KARSTEN -- RC of ISV document.
* MAX -- Brand Week blog post due to John Adams.
== Tuesday June 23 ==
* <s>JACK -- Probably one of these aforementioned meetings</s> ended up speaking to a bunch of interns working on social media.  Meeting thurs.
* <s>JACK -- Fedora Marketing meeting, Agenda: Last weeks proposal</s>
== Wednesday June 24 ==
* GREG & MAX -- Brainstorm activities that can be used for all of our upstream-project-related work, share them with the list, and start implementing them.
* <s>JACK -- Continue to refine marketing proposal, check in with Mo again.</s> Ended up emailing mo and paul to figure out if we have other produced content archived anywhere.
* <s>JACK -- Brand and Culture IRC</s>
* IAN -- As comprehensive a status
== Thursday June 25 ==
* JACK -- Meeting with Adam and other Interns
* JACK -- Check in with Mo again about Project FooBar
* JACK -- Update metrics wiki page with stuff from marketing end
* JACK -- Get in contact with Sparks as a follow up from retrospect meeting
* JACK -- Find out what Rahul is doing with the news site, because it seems to conflict
* MAX -- some sort of EKG reporting delivered to the list.
* MAX -- have a plan for EKG hackfest @ FUDCon.
== Friday June 26 ==
* KARSTEN -- Update on all things FreeIPA to team list, w/ pointers to other places as appropriate.
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