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This is where we track deliverables, deadlines, and schedules for the team. Cross stuff out when it no longer applies or is completed, and we'll cull things at the end of the week.

This page is not meant to capture all the day-to-day stuff that people on the team are doing. Rather, it is a reminder of the most important deadlines around which our other work must co-exist.

Monday June 8

  • ALL -- weekly team meeting.
  • JACK -- Fedora 11 tour publicity.
  • JACK -- Interview with Eric Sandeen on ext4
  • JACK -- Q1 achievements finalized & to Max.
  • KARSTEN -- Q1 achievements finalized & to Max.
  • KARSTEN -- ConnectivityWeek trip report on Planet (any private stuff to team list).
  • MAX -- ISV feedback to Karsten.
  • MAX -- re-coordinate all the Stockholm stuff w/ sales guys there.

Tuesday June 9

  • GREG & MEL -- Release candidate of .edu update to team list.
  • MAX -- Stockholm speech prep, send to list/Tiemann for help.
  • KARSTEN -- Share plans with FreeIPA
  • JACK -- Fedora Marketing Meeting @ 20.00 UTC/16.00 Eastern

Wednesday June 10

  • GREG & MEL -- .edu update to mrc prior to Greg's travel (no phone meeting).
  • KARSTEN -- another rev of ISV.
  • JACK -- Find another representative for marketing to join retrospect meeting on 2009.06.16

Thursday June 11

  • KARSTEN -- next IPA discussion w/ bstevens will be June 30. Initial draft of detailed, and aggressive, plan of what we want to achieve by then, including mockups suggested by Spot?
  • MEL -- any thoughts, formal or informal, about Fedora websites, and potential actions around it, to team list.

Friday June 12

  • MEL -- end of week report on where we are w/ POSSE, and what we need for next week.
  • KARSTEN -- end of week report on FreeIPA activity that took place.

Monday June 15

  • No team meeting (Max w/ customers in Stockholm).
  • GREG -- HFOSS and SELF trip reports report on Planet (any private stuff to team list).

Tuesday June 16

  • JACK -- Fedora 11 Retrospection Meeting with Poelstra +1 member of marketing.

Wednesday June 17

Thursday June 18

  • MAX -- Stockholm trip report to Planet, list & mrc.

Friday June 19

Monday June 22

  • No team meeting (Max & Greg traveling to Berlin).