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* [ Spacewalk]. ([[GregDeKoenigsberg|Greg]])
* [ Spacewalk]. ([[GregDeKoenigsberg|Greg]])
* [ oVirt]. (???)
* [ oVirt]. (???)
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* [ Genome]. ([[GregDeKoenigsberg|Greg]])
* Other projects, as need arises during the year. (???)
* Other projects, as need arises during the year. (???)

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This page is still a draft, and should be treated as such!

Community Architecture FY10 Goals

These are our team goals for FY10 (March 2009 - February 2010).

Goals that are written in strikethrough have been completed.

As our goals change throughout the year, this page will be updated and modified. It will be reviewed by the team and our manager quarterly.

Open Source in Education

Be a catalyst for creating a free & viral open source curriculum that does not cannibalize existing revenue and that is intended to reach an order of magnitude more users than are currently trained in introductory-level Red Hat courses. Participate in ancillary educational opportunities as they arise and where associated value is sufficient.

Assist in the creation of a college/university curriculum focusing on open source. (Greg)

  • Content should not cannibalize current GLS revenue opportunities.
  • Make Red Hat the center of a community of educators who are interested in this vision.
  • Assist in development of a grant process, providing incentive for educators to participate in the creation and distribution of the curriculum.
  • If appropriate, organize a conference to help kickstart this vision.
  • Deliver the curriculum to the world with branding that associates it to Red Hat.
  • Determine the future of the current “open source in education” mailing list and wiki.

Engage with educators who have shown an affinity towards the Fedora Project. (Greg)

  • If appropriate, invite them to join the curriculum initiative.
  • Offer assistance in helping them bring Fedora or open source into their classrooms.

Launch and lead a Fedora Campus Ambassadors program, focusing on specific schools and student bodies for recruitment into the Fedora community. (Jack)

  • Finalize specific goals for this program, with a launch at FUDCon Boston (FY09Q4).
  • Create list of schools that will participate in the pilot.
  • Track the new Fedora contributors that we gain due to this program.
  • Engage with the current Fedora Ambassadors project and ensure that the differences between the two groups are understood.

Maintain the Fedora Scholarship program. (Max)

Project Building

Create, be, and be known for being a center of excellence on the following topics on the use, motivations, and characteristics of:

  • Open source community building best practices other than participation in code development as presently done by Red Hat engineering.
  • Free distributions, their development communities, and their relationship to Red Hat's paid products and commercial value proposition.

Create a community health dashboard, reflecting the status of the communities that exists around key Red Hat initiatives. (Max)

  • This project should be done in consultation with both RH and JBoss input.
  • Provide internal advocacy and exposure to the team's work.
  • Include metrics of participation, statistical analysis, and deltas over time.
  • Data driven benchmarking.
  • Work on the EKG project, which is an upstream tool for analyzing mailing list and other contributions to projects.
  • Highlight projects that have been identified as critical to Red Hat, and provide analysis of the health of the communities around those projects to aid in decision making.
  • Provide the Community Architecture team with a tool that can demonstrate the improvements in the communities in which we engage directly.

Develop a cookbook (and potentially an internal Red Hat course) around the community building strategies and tactics that have made us successful. (Karsten)

Participate, and when possible, provide leadership and vision in key Red Hat projects, providing valuable services to our "internal customers". Be internal advocates of the Community Architecture vision. Ensure that projects are built to handle new contributors.

Become a recognized expert on the impact that other Linux distributions have on Red Hat's business. (Karsten)

  • Serve as a resource to other teams inside of Red Hat, as needed.

Better understand perceptions of the Fedora brand internally and externally, and recommend/take actions to improve that brand as needed. (Max)

Global Community Stewardship

Maintain the overall health status and growth of the Fedora Project, encouraging minimal Red Hat touch in community leadership, except in the communities of greatest importance to Red Hat. Provide leveraged development & marketing, and authentically spread the Red Hat brand worldwide.

Create a "top tier" of Fedora-focused events that exist worldwide. (Max)

  • Organize FUDCon in various regions. (NA, LATAM, EMEA, India/APJ).
  • Organize Fedora Activity Days around the world, with specific focuses and goals.

Make Fedora Ambassadors as self-sufficient as posible. (Max)

  • Work with the Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee to manage a global events budget.
  • Cultivate and support local leadership communities worldwide.
  • Engage with and assist Red Hat community assets worldwide, such as Rodrigo (LATAM), Sankarshan (India), and Harish (APJ).
  • Identify, encourage, and develop local community leaders.

Work with other parts of the Fedora Project to create and track quantitative metrics of community size, growth, and contributions. (Max)

Maximize the value of Red Hat's relationship with OLPC and Sugar Labs, both from an engineering and a marketing point of view. (Greg)

  • Serve as a consultant to OLPC and Sugar Labs.
  • Serve on the board of Sugar Labs.
  • Chair the marketing committee for Sugar Labs.
  • Maintain the relationship between OLPC and the Fedora community.
  • Advise OLPC management in community matters.
  • Contribute to OLPC and Fedora development.
  • Ensure that Fedora is viable as an operating system that runs on the XO hardware.

As needed, triage Fedora communities. Fill leadership gaps, identify critical path, build up a community of leadership, and ultimately transition leadership to a community member.


Individual goals that don't fall into a specific category, but are still important.

Assist and advise Paul Frields in his role as Fedora Project Leader. (Max)

Budget, meeting, and Community Architecture team management. (Max)

Manage Red Hat's relationship with summer coding projects (ie: GSoC). (Karsten)

Engage Creative Commons to explore options for a joint project that provides value to Red Hat and/or Fedora. (Jack)

Form a collaborative relationship with one new third-party group that provides value to Red Hat and/or Fedora. (Jack)

Maintain an active blog, with at least 50 substantive posts in FY10. (Full Team)

Enroll in some sort of training/developmental course that Red Hat offers. (Full Team)

  • RHCT, RHCE, Leadership, Time Management, etc.

Maintain a strong level of participation in the Fedora community. (Full Team)

  • Keep up with Fedora mailing lists, Planet Fedora, LWN, etc.
  • Fedora is a focal lens for many projects that are important to Red Hat.
  • Participate in community events as members of the Red Hat Community Architecture team, as open source evangelists, and as Fedora Ambassadors.