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Community Architecture Goals

FY09 goals

Goal Responsibilities Owner Status
Expand university community Multischool university tour Q1 Jack DONE
- Deal with Seneca College Greg DONE
- Develop open source curriculum Greg & Will Cohen DONE
- A curriculum that can be easily duplicated, for use at colleges/universities Jack 5%
- Fedora campus representatives Jack 0%
- Interns for Fedora Max 80%
- Fedora scholarship program Max 80%
- Focus on university communities in India Rahul Ongoing
Strengthen global community FUDCon Boston Q2 Max & Paul 75%
- FUDCon Prague Q3 Max 5%
- FUDCon @ LCA Q4 Harish 0%
- Fedora @ FISL Q1 Greg DONE
- Fedora @ LinuxTag Q1 Max 95%
- Fedora @ FOSDEM Q4 Max 0%
- Work with FAMSCo on global events Max Ongoing
- Be the point of contact for all North American events Greg Ongoing
- Be the point of contact for all South American events Greg Ongoing
- Be the point of contact for all EMEA events Max Ongoing
- Be the point of contact for all Asia & Australia events Harish Ongoing
- Be the point of contact for all India events Rahul Ongoing
- Manage Free Media in India Rahul Ongoing
- Raise profile of contributors in India Rahul Ongoing
Strengthen business value of community development work Success stories coming from large RH customer Greg & Max Ongoing
- Recruiting ISVs into Fedora/EPEL Greg and Karsten Ongoing
- Develop func and cobbler with enterprise contributors Greg Ongoing
- Making Spacewalk happen Greg DONE
- Assist in community development of FreeIPA Greg 10%
- Continue development of EPEL Max Ongoing
Community marketing Provide leadership to Fedora Marketing team Greg Ongoing
- Create and localize messaging index Greg 25%
- Fedora 9 GTM plan Max & Paul DONE
- Fedora success stories Max Ongoing
- Spokesmodel training Max Ongoing
- Work with Red Hat corporate communications team Max & Paul Ongoing
- Provide leadership to Fedora Weekly News Max Ongoing
- Provide leadership to Fedora Free Media Max Ongoing
Community engineering & technical achievements Produce localized spins of Fedora Max 25%
- Finish wevisor in the community Max & Yaakov 10%
- Windows program for LiveUSB creation Max & Luke Macken 85%
- Provide leadership to Fedora Websites team Max 10%
- Fedora TV / Miro Greg 30%
- Online Services/Desktop opportunities Jack 0%
- Investigate Amazon and Fedora opportunities Max & Mike McGrath 0%
- JBoss/Fedora live spin & packaging Karsten & Greg 0%
- Real-time IRC translation services Greg & intern John McLean 25%
- Establish product plan for K12 Linux (channel) Greg ABANDONED
- Assist with OLPC/Sugar Greg & Dennis Gilmore Ongoing
- Increase Fedora mirrors in Asia & India Harish Ongoing
General Management Budget and meeting leadership Max Ongoing