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This page is a draft only
It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.

Code of Conduct enforcement

There will be times when people do not follow the spirit or letter of the Code Of Conduct. When those issues occur, we should follow a process to try and resolve them and keep Fedora fun and respectful.

Try and resolve the problem yourself

Attempt to resolve the issue at the lowest level first. If you are offended by someone's behavior, review the code of conduct and try and understand their point of view. Perhaps it's a misunderstanding or communication problem? Perhaps it's a poor attempt at humor? If you have offended someone by your behavior, perhaps a apology would be in order (even if you are unsure what caused the issue).

Forum / Channel / Mailing list moderators

If issues persist and involved folks are unable to resolve them, the next step would be to ask a moderator of whatever resource the issue is occuring in to step in. IRC Channel operator, Mailing list moderator, etc. Some of these forums may have their own way to deal with issues, follow their process. Let them know what the issue is and respecfully allow them to decide what to do.

If you are a moderator try to resolve the issue in a way that all parties feel they were listened to and in a way that the non Code behavior ceases.

Community Working Group

If involved parties feel the decision of the moderators/channel operators were unfair or biased, they can raise the issue to the Community working group. The CWG may appoint a mediator or decide directly on the issue themselves.

The Fedora Board

Finally, if involved parties feel they have still not been treated as they should, they can petition the Fedora Board for redress.