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First you have to enable VoIP for your FAS account.

For this you have to login to the account system and enable VoIP. You also need to specify a password here. This password will be used by the VoIP clients.

Also note it takes a hour for your settings to be effective. Before that, you can not connect.

To test you can call the SIP numbers: 1001 and 1002


  • Open Ekiga. Cancel the druid (if any). You will get a screen like this.

Infrastructure ekiga first.png

  • Goto Menu -> Edit -> Accounts. You have this.

Infrastructure edit account.png

  • Edit and fill the details

Infrastructure edit account filled data.png

  1. Name: Fill in whatever name this account should have in the list.
  2. Registrar:
  3. User: FAS username (My username in FAS is heffer, so for me it is "heffer").
  4. Authentication User: leave this empty
  5. Password: The password you set in the VoIP section in FAS. (Note that this not necessarily the same as your FAS password)
  6. Timeout: Set to whatever feels right to you. Otherwise just leave the default.
  7. Enable account: You definitely want to do that :-)
  • When selecting "OK", you will get back the account screen. You can check if everything worked out well by checking the status in the "Status" column.

Infrastructure done account.png