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Fedora Events: Csomad Day, Csomád, Hungary

The Csomad Day is an Event with a broad Scope at Users, Beginners. It features Expose, Spreading, Education, and a trade-show as well.

When and Where

  • 23. Jun 2012
  • Event timing has been cleared
  • The event place is:

Csomad Esztergaly street 2161 Hungary Map : [1]

Booth Personal

  • Gergely Rakosi (rgeri77) - event owner
  • Zoltan Hoppar (zoltanh721)
  • Máté Gelei (geleimate)


What we will get/will have:

  • Place in a big tent
  • 2x1 meter table
  • 3 chairs
  • Wireless or better wired Internet Access and electricity
  • Catering: Bean "goulash" (pottage) (We'll cook it for ourself and for the public :-) , stew and there are buffets

Available event Swag/Tools/Equipment

  • Some the rest of F16, and lot of F17 install and multiboot discs (thx the quick support by jreznik)
  • XO laptop for kids, teachers (by Zoltan) + open hardware public presentation at desk with Nanonote (by Zoltan)
  • Paper posters 4F for decoration (they are not in the best shape, but still usable, maybe we need better one) (by Zoltan)
  • Extra Rollup (by Gergely)
  • 2 laptops with Fedora 17, and one gamer PC (atomic :-) ) for game presentation (by Gergely)

Swags in production

  • Pens
  • Mugs
  • Lanyard

We need

  • Fedora pins
  • Stickers
  • Table cloth
  • Fedora 17 Medias


Csomadday 2012

  • Csomadday2012 logo [2]


  • Preparation has been done. Event passed and were great. Follow event report section for pics, and background.
  • Tickets creation in progress. Awaiting for upcoming EMEA meeting.


  • Media ticket No. 165 [3]
  • Swag ticket No. 166 [4]


This was our first open public event (non geeks event, just usually for everyday people), where we have been invited for introduction of FOSS software, and Fedora by the local city major for the every yearly made happy day of the city, and show for the local people with stage. As we supporting the local schools around Csomad, and the city itself (local education, and lot of goverment offices are running Fedora 16 desktops, and Fedora 16 servers thx to Gergely), we received this opportunity to Fedora, and for the local HU community.

The target were to widespread the FOSS word, and introduce the power of FOSS (learning, hacking, and the international community), all this get combined with Fedora - to spread the first seeds for strong contributors. We have received an huge desk, and lots of courious people, what we are, and what are we doing. We never believed that can work, but worked nicely, and people with mixed age, mixed knowledge asked us a lot, and we tried to answer every possibility, aspects of the interests. We gived away lots of disks. In preparation phase we have created standard swags (keychain, fridge magnets, some mugs, some F17 release and 4F posters) for the Fedora quiz, what has been also given away by the game winners on the stage live by Gergely and Maté. (check the pictures) As we have decided we also registered to the cooking contest where Gergely has made together with other friends Jókai bean stew, and we had the opportunity, that we can cook open source food too :) (If you think you would like to give it a try and you are courious what is that Gergely made, we gladly share our recipe too.)

The beginning of the day were calm, but the rush has arrived later, as we begun to allow to the kids to play games on fedora, and let to draw by small kids our Fedora logo. Other people has received by Zoltan, and Mate more information about the community, and general informations about Fedora. The XO laptop has win again the attention by parents as the kids were fighting to let them to draw, and get acquainted with Sugar. Most interestingly we have received an interest by an teacher, from the next city nearby to Csomad, who told us, that Microsoft has removed the possibility from teachers to get free educational Windows. Of course we offered discs, and talks, and the local community help - what she has accepted. Gergely will take care of this newly gained contact, and talk ability.

All in all, we have spent a great day with local people, and had fun, gained contacts, and lot positive feedbacks. I think we would like to repeat next year too, and hopefully we can invite someone to here from the international community.

Report by Zoltanh721