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New Customs Letter for Fedora Ambassadors

  • 2009-10-23, content updated
  • You may accept donation for the media at reasonable price ($1 or $2 per media) to cope with Fedora Ambassadors expense.

Updated Fedora Customs Letter


Here is a standard letter you can use ONLY to import original Fedora DVDs.

DO NOT modify it in any way, or use with anything else than Fedora
DVDs which are intended for free distribution.

Each time you intend to use the letter, alert me, as I am the contact
on the letter and will not help if I do not know you are using it.

Things I will need to know so I can confirm with the customs that all is legal:
- Your name and email address (full legal name)
- Quantity of DVDs/CDs imported
- Country of export (where you are sending/transporting the media from)
- Country of import (where the media is going)
- Purpose of import (what do you need the DVDs/CDs for)

You MUST give the DVDs away for free. If you intend to collect money
for them, you CANNOT use this letter!