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= David Cantrell =
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I work for Red Hat in engineering.  Most of my work involves working on Anaconda, the friendly and exciting installer for Fedora and RHEL.  I also work on other things, such as DHCP networking software, IPv6 stuff, disk partitioning, and other things.
I currently live in Honolulu, Hawaii.  I like Mexican food.  I also enjoy zombie movies.
== Contact ==
* '''Email''': [[MailTo(dcantrell AT redhat DOT com)] 
* '''IRC''': dcantrell on #fedora and #anaconda
* '''GPG key''': 8CB55649/213F 97EF 50AD 2D83 E8C3  9B85 E61B 238C 8CB5 5649
* '''Fedora Account''': dcantrel
* '''Personal Site''':
== Activities within Fedora ==
* Improving the filesystem layout code in Anaconda (we also call this the "partitioning" code).  This could either be an entire rewrite or incremental improvements.  Specifically, I want to finish my improvement of the Python libparted bindings and get those in to rawhide.
* Seeing that s390x becomes a usable secondary architecture for Fedora.
* Overhauling the network interface configuration code in Anaconda to not use libdhcp anymore.  The first step of this will most likely entail using dhclient and manual interface configuration directly.  At some point I would like to move to using NetworkManager directly.
* Improving the dhcpv6 ( client and server software such as complete TAHI compliance, full DHCPv6 options support, better relay support (multiple relay servers fail hard right now), and improved documentation and configuration file format.
* Things I'm working on can be found at

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