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List of LiveCDs

Here is a list of the Live CDs based on Fedora:


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  • Major differences from Fedora

Basilisk Live CD

This Livecd comes with KDE 3.3.1, Gnome 2.8, OpenOffice, Firefox and Thunderbird and a lot of other tools. It is currently based on Fedora Core 3.

It contains support for most european languages. For a particular language, log in as such: username: <language> password: livecd

Plan B

This is a live CD that is intended to be used for as a Network Security Auditing and Forensics utility.

redWall Firewall

redWall Firewall is a bootable CD-ROM Firewall. It's goal is to provide a feature rich firewall solution, with the main goal, to provide a webinterface for all the logfiles generated!



Created by SERPRO ( Company of Technology - Brazilian Government )

Synergy Linux

Home Download Synergy Linux is a Fedora Based Linux Distribution that uses KDE 4 and allows users to install "Live" it also offers packagers and other tweaks that are different then the Fedora KDE 4 Spin.