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Single CD Fedora Based Distributions

BlankOn Linux

BlankOn Linux 1.0 consists of the Linux operating system and hundreds of programs for computer education and daily office applications, localized in Bahasa Indonesian, with Indonesian look-and-feel, plus English as a second language. It was developed by YPLI (Yayasan Penggerak Linux Indonesia / Indonesia Linux Mover Foundation) and sponsored by UNESCO. it is available as a single-CD iso image.

Cobind Desktop

Cobind Desktop marries Xfce and Nautilus into a cohesive desktop experience featuring Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. Seems to be a inactive distribution currently.

Ekaaty Linux

The Ekaaty project is an core operative system, inside just one installation disc, for use with common hardware and software in Brazil and aimed for use at brazilians desktops, providing a light version of the system with less use of disc space and machine resources. It is a community based product and it's entirely free software. It comes with a complete KDE desktop, 2.0 and many applications (Kontact, anti-spam filters, etc).

FoX Linux

FoX Linux is a single-cd Fedora Core-based distribution, focused on Italian desktop-users. It comes with KDE, The GIMP, Gaim, and other applications for desktop-use.


G-ZyX is a Fedora based distribution with a collection of open source software that runs from a single CD/DVD. Optional configurationless installation (smart caching) to available hard disk or flash based storage is supported. G-ZyX is the flagship manifestation of the ViROS distribution generation platform. ViROS leverages popular open and free RPM based *nix distributions to generate custom purpose live-CDs. G-ZyX's predecessor cousin TVOS is suited for home theater applications, while G-ZyX is suited for general purpose computing and development. An alpha release of G-ZyX is currently available.

Linux XP

Linux XP Professional Edition is a universal and secure operating system for Russian speakers designed for home and business use. It is based on freely available sources from Red Hat Linux and Fedora Core.