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[[Media:anaconda_fedora11_screenflow.svg|Inkscape SVG Source]]
[[Media:anaconda_fedora11_screenflow.svg|Inkscape SVG Source]]
=== Proposed Anaconda Screenflow ===
[[Media:anaconda_proposed_screenflow.svg|Inkscape SVG Source]]
== Mockups ==
== Mockups ==

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Anaconda Storage UI Design

Mission Statement: To make it easier to find and identify the device(s) that you want to work with in anaconda, especially when there are large numbers of devices and/or types of devices present.



Screen Flows

Fedora 11 Anaconda Screenflow

Anaconda fedora11 screenflow.png

Inkscape SVG Source

Proposed Anaconda Screenflow

Anaconda proposed screenflow.png

Inkscape SVG Source


These are draft 2, updated 28 July 2009.

Mockup Sources

All mockups are sourced in this one SVG file:

Mockups' Source SVG

Choose Installation Type

Anaconda installtype 3.png

Do you want to upgrade?

Anaconda upgradeornot 3.png

Simple Device Selection

Anaconda devselectsimple 3.png

Advanced Device Selection - Local Devices Tab

Anaconda devselect-localtab 3.png

Advanced Device Selection - BIOS RAID Devices Tab

Anaconda devselect-biosraid 3.png

Advanced Device Selection - Multipath Tab - Unfiltered

Anaconda devselect-mpathtab1 3.png

Advanced Device Selection - Multipath Tab - Interconnect Filter

Anaconda devselect-mpathtab2 3.png

Advanced Device Selection - Multipath Tab - Vendor Filter

Anaconda devselect-mpathtab3 3.png

Advanced Device Selection - Other SAN Tab

Anaconda devselect-othersan 3.png

Advanced Device Selection - Search Tab (Port/Target/LUN)

Anaconda devselect-searchtab-ptl 3.png

Advanced Device Selection - Search Tab (WWID)

Anaconda devselect-searchtab-wwid 3.png

Select Partitioning Scheme

Anaconda partscheme 3.png

Mockup Archive

PDF Format

Wiki Format